Program Development

Remote Inspection and Video capture Programs have traditionally been unattainable outside of the offshore energy and defense industries. Internal program development is now possible across IndustrY using our advanced technology and process innovation. 

Multi-Task Vessel

ROV Veseel | Subsea Inspection

Upgrade any boat or vessel with an underwater robotic drone package to gain contract opportunities and improve support capabilities.


ROV System Integration 

Operator Training for Crew and Company Staff

Redundant System for Reliability at Sea 

Engineering and Construction

V2 Subsea | Pipe Inspection | Blueye Pro

Engineering and Construction professionals can quickly and safely assess underwater infrastructure projects using our program of service, training, and technology solutions

Dock Inspection

Bridge Inspection

Sea Wall

Subsea Cable 

Underwater Piping

Renewable Energy

Offhsore Wind | BSEE | Subsea Structure | General Visual Inspection | Close Visual Inspection

Establish a safe and reliable program for Offshore Wind and Offshore Renewable Energy BSEE subsea inspections.

(GVI) General Visual Inspection

(CVI) Close Visual Inspection

Subsea Structure

Subsea Equipment

Ship Inspection

V2 Subsea | Marine Coating Inspection | ISO 19030

A commercial diver has traditionally completed ship hull inspections.  Create a program to manage your company's underwater inspection needs safely and effectively.  

Vessel Class Inspection


Vessel Damage Assessment

Marine Coating Inspection | ISO 19030

sEarch and Rescue

V2 Subsea | Search and Rescue

Search and Rescue | Underwater Recovery

Our SAR program solutions allow municipalities and government agencies to quickly and safely respond to an emergency. 


Operator Training

Reliable Technology

Scaling Solutions for Emergency Situations